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The presentation of the writer Konqr’s fifth video and the book about his adventures took place on October 19 at El Montana Café Restaurant. The event brought together many writers from the city of Barcelona -a fairly young age group overall- plus others that traveled from other cities who didn’t want to miss the occasion. We had to take advantage of the visit from this controversial writer, so we have attempted to submit him to a quick interview in addition to our "Cifras y letras". As you will see, it was a resounding failure since Konqr is more about painting [...]

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It was perhaps the most-packed opening in Montana Gallery Barcelona’s 19-year history. Cope2's Iconicizm was the event that brought together almost the entire Barcelona graffiti scene on the narrow (more than ever) sidewalk of Comerç street. A unique opportunity to see his throw-ups up close and chat with the Bronx legend. The Iconicizm exhibit by Cope2 shows at Montana Gallery Barcelona until January 19, 2024. Can you tell us something good about graffiti nowadays, compared to when you started? A good thing is that it hasn’t changed much, in the sense that some graffiti writers, like me and a few [...]

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Following the tracks of influential and accomplished graffiti writers for our 3 Aces, this time we traveled to Denmark and spoke with one of the pioneers of the scene: Subs, a.k.a Easy 13 (Styles 2 Remember Crew and Fat Boys) for the lowdown on his three favorite pieces and the reasons why. Subs began his graffiti journey in 1983 in Copenhagen. He belongs to the first generation of writers in the country and despite a 9-year hiatus from 1987 to 1996, he does not live off off the past and is still active today. In the words of his crewmate [...]

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QSC, the epic graffiti group from Madrid, took over the Montana Shop in the capital, reasserting the health and quality of its members. Thanks to this exhibition we were able to get closer to the writer Snow, and ask him a few questions. When we talk about graffiti, if we talk about Madrid, old school Madrid, one of the names that stands out is the QSC Group. So many years. So many walls, so many adventures, that it would be impossible to fit them all in an article, or in an exhibition -as is the case- because since 1986 this [...]

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Pictures by Alonso Alcalde What is a "system collector"? It is a graffiti writer whose activity is focused on painting on as many subway systems in the world as possible, facing the different difficulties and consequences that this may involve. Suicide stands out within this trend due to a very attractive style, impeccable technique and outstanding chromatic expertise. UNALIVE is the editorial publication -half magazine, half book- that collects part of his work on paper. The time has come to ask him a few questions and, if he is willing, submit him to our NUMBERS & LETTERS questionnaire. Suicide's UNALIVE [...]

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A couple of weeks ago Phillip Lehman aka Bando sparked controversy with several statements in a video on his Instagram account. The Parisian graffiti pioneer spoke about the values ​​of graffiti, attacking writers not committed to illegal activity. Given the amount of attention paid to his speech by important celebrities in the world of getting-up, we contacted Bando, not only to dig further into his arguments, but also to talk about other topics related to this figure that we consider important. Were you aware, when you started in hip hop, and specifically in graffiti, of how significant you might be [...]

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Rumble in Raval

Article by David Davis Barcelona is well renowned in the street art community as a mecca for the practice. For this project, I decided to dive into this subculture and spend time with several artists currently working in the largest city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Whenever someone mentions Barcelona, people’s minds will often wander to picture crowded beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. A buzzing metropolis of bars, clubs and restaurants that cater to the 27 million tourists the city attracts each year. Or, most notably, one of the many structures designed by the [...]

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"Creativity is born out of necessity." Name: Load 42 Crew: 42, ROC, Secret Crime City-country: Bogotá-Colombia Active since: I remember my first strokes were around 2004. First piece: Favorite piece: Every piece I paint is a totally different learning experience; more than the work per se, it is the experience and the context of where it is done. I also try to make variations in terms of the shapes of the letters, colors, subject matter, etc. I don't like to paint the same thing all the time. That is why I don’t have a favorite piece. When you think you [...]

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Live Painting Pro 176: Inmersión psicodélica en el Guzzo

ES Artista francés residente en Valencia (España), Pro 176 tiene sus raíces en la cultura hip-hop parisina. Activo desde hace unos treinta años, empezó como rapero en los años 90, inspirado por Mode 2 y Colt, el artista hizo sus primeros pasos en el mundo del grafiti. Inmerso en una vida suburbana, pasa el tiempo recorriendo túneles y metros con otros grafiteros en modo vándalo mientras difunde un arte libre aún nuevo en Francia. El artista viajó a Estados Unidos en 1995 con Rez y conoció a estrellas del graffiti neoyorquino como Cope 2, Lady Pink y Bando. Un viaje [...]

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Jam in Sant Pau del Parc & shutters session in Santa Madrona: The Raval reveals its colors

By Anaïs Bertrand ES El 29 de mayo de 2023 fue la fecha a recordar para descubrir un Raval colorido, alejado de los caóticos rumores que a menudo se oyen sobre el barrio. De 12.00 a 21.00 horas, decenas de artistas se reunieron en el parque Sant Pau del Camp para celebrar la segunda edición de la Jam de Cultura Urbana. Organizada por la entidad cultural Xamfra, en colaboración con nuestro proyecto Arnau Gallery, el teatro Arnau Itinerant y con la participación de las asociaciones culturales situadas en los alrededores del parque, el objetivo del evento era revitalizar esta zona [...]

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Surely you have seen a viral video on Instagram taken from a vertiginous angle of a writer chased by a policeman who just got out of a patrol car. This is Guser, who documents his activity with a 360-degree camera. In addition to the striking aesthetic result, this gadget allows you to record everything that is happening around the scene of the action, and then, during editing, select what can be shown. Add to this a certain tendency towards risk, and it will definitely be a success. After a few months of not publishing anything, his return made us feel [...]

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It's been 5 years since we released the Montana Colors x Midnight Madness video trilogy. Coincidentally, the Portuguese audiovisual collective has recently released a video dedicated to the most famous Portuguese graffiti crew: REIS. Given the obvious proximity of the group of audiovisual producers to the Lisboeta-Portuguese gang, we asked them a handful of questions about Reis' reputation as well as their aesthetic vision on the world of graffiti videos.

 Given the occasion we spiffed up the report with a selection of tasty snapshots taken during the recording of Life with Reis Crew. Who exactly is in the Reis collective [...]

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GRAFFITI ● BLAZE ● Coffe break (Blackbook tour)

SUBSCRIBE ON CHANNEL ♦️ ♦️ INSTAGRAM ♦️ ♦️ _____________________________________________________________ SUPPORT CHANNEL ♦️ ♦️ or ♦️ ♦️ _______________________________________________________________ ♦️ Recorded by DJI Osmo pocket ♦️ video by Blaze #graffiti #art #subscribe Fuente YouTube

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Noche de graffiti por Medallo - Sin mente, con su juguete de grabar sin culpa, salió Daniel Quintero (@quinsal) a una noche de graffiti con un par de amigos. Del paseo quedó este video y los rayones que serán leídos o remplazados por otros rayones, y así. Éntrele al paseo. Fuente YouTube

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Graffiti Episode 1 / Ecuador

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEGAL DISCLAIMER ''Graffiti Puro'' does not condone or promote any illegal activities including trespassing and vandalizing private or public property. We do not encourage people to break the law. The following videos, photos and text shown in this documentary are only used for the purposes of documentation. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------- NOTA LEGAL ''Graffiti Puro'' no aprueba ni promueve actividades ilegales, como el traspaso y el vandalismo de propiedades privadas o públicas. No alentamos a las personas a violar la ley. Los siguientes videos, fotos y texto que se muestran en este documental solo se utilizan con fines de documentación. [...]

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Una breve historia del streetwear

El término streetwear es un lugar común en el mundo de la moda actual. Se utiliza para describir ropa de alta calidad que atrae la influencia de su entorno. Estas influencias suelen ser de "la calle" absorbiendo todo lo que les rodea, como los grafitis y al igual que los grafitis que a veces expresan cuestiones políticas y sociales del aquí y ahora.Entonces, ¿dónde y cuándo se originó el streetwear? Mucha gente especula sobre el cuándo y el cómo de los orígenes de los estilos, pero está claro que comenzó a finales de la década de 1970 y principios de [...]

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Banksy Canvas

La influencia del artista callejero y de graffiti Banksy en Bristol y el Reino Unido no se puede negar. Su carrera comenzó en Bristol durante la década de 1980 como parte del boom de los aerosoles que fue testigo de muchos artistas callejeros como él y otros, junto con músicos que trabajaban en una serie de proyectos. Después de un tiempo, Banksy logró desarrollar una técnica única que combinaba la escritura de graffiti y el estarcido, una técnica que se dice que fue popularizada por Blek le Rat. Con esta técnica de marca registrada, se hizo más popular debido a [...]

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GRAFFITI 💎 Blaze 💎 Thunder wonder

💎 💙 💎 💙 💎 💙 💎 💙 💎 💙 💎 💙 💎 💙 💎 💙 SUBSCRIBE ON CHANNEL - INSTAGRAM - video by Blaze Fuente YouTube

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17 Mile Cave, Idaho – Aquí hay monstruos

"Los ricos", escribe el profesor de la Universidad de Maryland, Michael Olmert, "tienen una excelente influencia sobre la historia". Donde viven y las cosas que poseen "dominan lo que sabemos sobre el pasado simplemente porque las cosas buenas duran más que lo vernáculo y lo efímero", escribe en su libro "Los dientes de Milton y el paraguas de Ovidio"."La derrota del graffiti de un golpe", agrega, "haciendo autostop en las paredes del bien para sacar a la luz un pasado alternativo".En ninguna parte del este de Idaho es más evidente ese sentimiento democrático que un tubo de lava frío, polvoriento [...]

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Arte Banksy – ¿Por qué tanto alboroto?

Los amantes del arte de Bristol y Londres en el Reino Unido probablemente estén familiarizados con el término Banksy y Banksy Art. Su estatus como un artista callejero y grafitero exitoso y popular puede ser intimidante y abrumador para aquellos que no tienen idea sobre el artista o sus obras. Si bien Banksy a menudo se considera uno de los artistas de graffiti británicos más respetados, si no el más respetado, su carrera comenzó hace unos 20 años durante el boom del aerosol en Bristol en algún momento de la década de 1980. Como parte del movimiento underground, artistas callejeros [...]

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