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How to use AMMO Matt Shader

Cómo usar los Shader mate de AMMO.In today’s new video, we explore the new Matt Shaders range, exclusively by AMMO. This range features two series: the original twenty satin colors reformulated with a matt finish, and twenty brand new tones. Watch the video to discover the key features of this innovative modeling solution and learn how to easily recreate realistic and interesting effects on your own projects at home.  Throughout the video, we demonstrate how Matt Shaders can add definition and shading to both non-metallic and metallic colors. We also show how they can simulate weathering effects such as streaking, accumulations [...]

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How to use A-Stand Candy lacquers

Cómo usar los colores Candy de A-Stand.AMMO A-Stand Candy Lacquers effortlessly deliver an intense and vibrant finish, renowned for their unparalleled glossiness and shine. By following the correct steps, it is possible to always attain the perfect candy layer. In today’s new video, Manuel Gil guides you through the entire process, from start to finish, using A-Stand Candy Lacquers to paint the iconic mecha from the Mazinger Z manga and anime series. Manuel explains the importance of smooth application and correct drying times in always ensuring a great result, using different colors as examples.We hope this video helps you with your [...]

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Tamiya 1/48 Ki-61-Id Hien WIP (II)

 En proceso el Ki-61-Id Hien de Tamiya en la escala 1/48 (II).The cockpit, made with the parts and decals provided by the model. It is painted with the new ATOM paints from AMMO and for the choice of colours I followed the instructions.La cabina, realizada con las piezas y calcas proporcionadas por la maqueta. Está pintada con las nuevas pinturas ATOM de AMMO y para la elección de los colores seguí las indicaciones de las instrucciones.Translated with

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