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Esero y les guste esta sección... CALLIGRAFFIA MASTER .... EL ARTISTA DE HOY FUE ( #BUSTER ) ....mi página en Facebook... ....................DOSIERONE...................... Fuente YouTube

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Name: Foner Crew: GFM, APG City-country: Barcelona Active since: 2001 Favorite surface: I do not have problems with any type of surfaces, but I always prefer that they are brand new that saves me from having to frame a background, not for an economic issue, but for an aesthetic issue with the photo. I like to see part of the background of the surface on which I have painted. Personal motivation: Pure fun, without any kind of obsession, or pretension.

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The Argentinian crews FBS and DK is releasing "10 Euros" which is a  action packed video that shows their adventures through Europe. Re piola video edited and produced by @dolor de cabeza. “10 Euros is more or less what we spend a day during our trip" Maur DK It is interesting how, throughout the history of graffiti, we can see different migratory trends in the travels of writers. First, some New York pioneers brought the culture to Europe with their visits to events and exhibitions that allowed them to bond with the rookies on this side of the pond. This migratory flow would reverse over the years, with Europeans normalizing the tendency to return to New York on their quest to regain the "Holy Grail." When we entered the 21st century and having established the role of Europe as the main axis [...]

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This year the photographer Vincent Cornelli celebrates that 15 years has passed since he abandoned his home in New York to begin the adventure of shooting urban art. And now Vinny has decided to share some of his experiences with us through his own stories. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to "Vincent Cornelli's Diary". Post 1 - Photo: Faile, et al (NYC) Hi. I am Vinny (@streetlayers). From time to time, you’ll likely hear from me…right here. So who am I? Over the next few posts, it’s my hope we’ll fill in a few of those gaps. However, at the base of it - I document urban art. In fact, this year I will have crossed my 15th year doing just that. In 2005, I began photographing the urban art movement from my former home of New York City. What started [...]

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Three internationally renowned writers will decide the jury prize for "We Are All Homies!" contest, the sketch contest that’s underway here at Montana Colors to stimulate your creativity during the quarantine. About a week ago we kicked off the “We Are All Homies!” Contest. An idea that we launched from Montana Colors to encourage you to draw throughout these days of confinement. As we already announced in the contest rules, one of the three juicy prizes up for grabs will be awarded by an objective jury. In order not to complicate things too much, we’ve chosen three writers who are relevant at the international level and who, in turn, are representatives of different styles so as to avoid any kind of bias. Due to closeness to the brand, it was inevitable that we’d choose two Barcelona writers. Who better than Musa71 TFP, [...]

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How a Train Tunnel Became the Center of NYC’s Art Scene

Chris ‘Freedom’ Pape recuerda su tiempo pintando en el túnel de la libertad, el túnel de tren abandonado que se convirtió en el corazón de la escena artística de la ciudad de Nueva York en la década de 1980.

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Our brothers from Montana Colors Australia have interviewed John Kaye. The artistic projection as a graffiti writer has led him to focus a lot of his energy on studio work by sculpting an increasingly pictorial style during the latest years. He is undoubtedly at a point in his career that is very interesting to take a closer look at. Name: John Kaye Country: Australia Favourite surface: Metal and Canvas -What got you started in graffiti/street art, was there a particular artist/person who motivated you to start or inspired you to pick up a can? At first I just noticed things and was just intrigued by it, I was catching the train around a lot at a pretty young age to go skating and the lines were covered in pieces at that time. I started paying more and more attention to graffiti until [...]

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Name:KORVO aka KORVUZ KORAX Crew: Drak City-country: Benevento, Italy Active since: 1994 Personal motivation-message: At first I painted only for myself, late, for some years I painted on the street for all those who have love in their eyes. The message I like to convey is that in each of us there is a universe.

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Writers Madrid ha publicado un nuevo capitulo de ‘Silver Nights‘, esta vez acompañando a los escritores SORA y NAIZ por las calles de Madrid. Como no podía ser de otra forma utilizando los mejores aliados para la ocasión, el plata MOLOTOW BURNER y para trazar el negro MOLOTOW COVERS ALL.

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Graffiti in New Zealand is not as common as in Europe. Much less in Auckland city. However, some writers like Frost45 and Adict remain on the warpath claiming their place on the walls and trains. Auckland, New Zealand. A pristine city where, by the looks of it, graffiti has no place. This is not entirely true. Frost 45 and Adict belong to two different generations of writers from the Kiwi scene but they share the same conviction. Maintain their activity despite the difficulties typical of a city in which graffiti is as persecuted as it is quickly eliminated. In collaboration with our comrades from Montana Colors New Zealand, we present this follow-up of some actions perpetrated by these two writers thanks to the boldness the photographer Estasky (music by Two6SevenBeats). Throughout the entire video we will be aware of the state of automatic [...]

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Here at Montana Colors we want to encourage you to make the best of these days at home by stimulating your creativity and, at the same time, giving you the opportunity to win a juicy prize. So we are promoting the #mtnstayhome initiative through an international sketch competition that's open to all ages.  What do you need to do to participate? Draw a sketch with the word HOMIES,  in analog or digital format. The technique is up to you, and you can choose any style, color and shape. Push your creativity to the fullest! Post your sketch on your Instagram Include the hashtags #mtnstayhome #mtnhomies and be sure to tag @montana_colors in the post. What are the prizes? 3 packs of: 100 spraycans + a set of all of the MTN marker packs (Water Based, Technical & Graphic) + a MTN A4 Marker Book How will we select [...]

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Derok is a Basque writer based in Barcelona, and here he explains the basics of the work on paper that precedes his pieces. A particular way of working in the creational process of letters. What better time than this to return to the world of indoor graffiti par excellence: sketches. We focus on the topic by showing the peculiar way that Derok has of working the style of letters on paper. A crucial aspect in his way of doing graffiti that we do not see reflected on his Instagram and that, precisely for this reason, we find it interesting to share. For Derok sketching is only a preparational, although fundamental, process of the final objective: the piece on the wall. That is why we cant find any finished or colorful compositions among his pages. What's more, we don't even see complete pieces. [...]

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In the current Covid-19 crisis, our responsibility is to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of the contagion.  Two weeks locked up at home...Crazy, right? Especially since graffiti writers creative space is the street. Outdoor. We understand how frustrating this situation is.  We know how eager you are to go out to paint, but our recommendation is that you don't. There is a very famous phrase that summarizes this situation quite well: No man is an island. For us, and for our family and friends and their families and friends. We have to stay home. With that said, we are going to do two things.  The first is to assume that you follow the rules.  The second is to prepare yourself in case you skip them. The masks that will protect you the most are the FFP2 (also called N95) and the [...]

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Name: Énora & Koye Crew: Game Crew City-country: Orléans, France Active since: We paint over the past decade but together as a duo, since 2017. Personal motivation-message: We draw since we are child, and now painting is like a drug and a therapy at the same time. It’s an habit and it allows us to express emotions, to put down ideas, to experiment and discover. Inspired by many things, we want to retranscribe through our painting what we find interesting and beautiful, but also sad and worrying in the world around us. As a duo we are still looking for a balance and harmony that blends our two techniques to find and develop our specific style. We try to share our pictorial universe on walls, in order to reflect our vision of life and sometimes to question the place of man in his [...]

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The coronavirus has put a stop to the Valencian celebration of "Las Fallas" and thus curbing the fate of "the meditator," the gigantic figure created by the artist Escif, which has now taken on a whole new meaning. Pictures by Escif and José Bravo The topic that's on everyone's lips -not yet in everyone's lungs, the coronavirus and its media presence, has now inevitably reached the urban art scene. For the past few years, various street artists(Okuda, PichiAvo) have been chosen to shape the Town Hall’s falla, the main figure that will be burned alongside the other artistic creations during Valencia’s most characteristic celebration of folklore. This year, Escif was placed in charge of dreaming up the huge figure that, in this case, materialized in the form of a gigantic woman meditating as a symbol of hope. Given the growing number of [...]

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Ana Barriga Oliva, an artist from the province of Cadiz recognized in the national contemporary art scene, has been given the responsibility for closing the TÀPIA collective exhibition with a mural work in the La Sagrera neighborhood in Barcelona. Different prizes in competitions, scholarships, and various fairs and organizations shows that Ana Barriga has become one of the most promising contemporary artists in Spain. Beyond her extensive cv, the best presentation for this 35-year-old native of Jerez is her sensational pictorial style, an expressive naturalism that reproduces the texture of porcelain with almost photographic fidelity. Barriga has been the artist chosen to close the collective exhibition of TÀPIA, organized by the B-Murals platform in the exhibition space of Nau Bostik, in Barcelona. To end to the exhibition that has brought together 24 figurative mural artists and the interventions that have been developed [...]

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 Seguridad y anti-graffiti

La importancia de la luz natural no puede ser subestimada. Sin embargo, llega un momento en que demasiada luz del sol puede causar problemas de salud, como fatiga ocular, etc. Esta es la razón por la cual muchas personas optan por utilizar tintes de ventanas residenciales para proporcionar protección y proteger sus propiedades de daños. Además de proporcionar cobertura contra los efectos del sol, también mejora la seguridad de los hogares y oficinas y actúa como un mecanismo anti-graffiti. Reemplazar ventanas en edificios residenciales o comerciales es una tarea costosa que la mayoría de los propietarios quieren evitar. Ayuda a las empresas a proteger sus instalaciones de los daños causados ​​por el graffiti. Se estima que los edificios en el país incurren en más de 12 mil millones de dólares cada año para reemplazar las ventanas que se han dañado como resultado [...]

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Here is a new interview published by Galeria Koloru. This time the testimony is told by the tenacious writer Bols of the LOTY crew.  In October last year we introduced you to a different format of interview published by the Galeria Koloru, very special Indeed. This our main point of sales in Poland is carrying out an interesting documentation through the testimony of different writers of the Polish scene. In recent years, graffiti on trains in this European country has suffered a tremendous explosion. Nowadays, Poland's trending panorama has an endless number of active names, powerful both in quality and quantity, and this audiovisual project by Galeria Koloru is an excellent way to document such a particular and internationally important scene. They also seem to have enough material to go around... In this latest update, the personality behind the name Bols is [...]

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